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patrick herring
Places I go back to every now & then -

A Summer Solstice at the Rollright Stones --- Nine Ladies protest site --- Ryoanji Zen Garden by Sounding Gourd --- zen gardens --- mandalas --- a really pleasing image --- studio pottery --- anita klein --- Kraftwerk TdeF --- Nick Drake --- the Coverdale Psalms --- St John of the Cross' writings --- A church I used to go to, where I started the web-pages. --- It was morning, and the new sun sparkled gold across the ripples of a gentle sea ... --- Norfolk Broads, Womack Water --- Word from Wormingford (in Pastimes) --- the one & only Porsche 911 (yes I know there's some 912s etc in it) --- paradox place (good for the romanesque)


patrick herring
this section has mostly been moved up to
  • logie - a logical inference engine. 2005.02.03
  • Believe it or not you can buy a most excellent anweald coffee mug, if you really feel the need. OK it's a bit tangible for an idea... 2002.02.21


patrick herring


on 40th birthday
196305 Liverpool (Queens Drive, Mossley Hill near Sevvy Peark), 1967 London (Grove Park), 197001 Bristol (Golden Hill), 197109-198112 Bristol Grammar School: A levels in double maths & physics, 197109-198112: gap year, various temp clerk jobs (Bristol & West and Phoenix Assurance), going round Europe on InterRail, 198210-198606 Durham University: href="">maths & physics but started again with philosophy, then did half a PGCE in maths. 198805 Daventry: first 'proper' job as a Graduate trainee programmer. 198808 Daventry: flat in 70's council estate - rather pleasant because of the new trees, 198909 London (Hanger Lane): second job - now an analyst/programmer - London's very different, 198910 London (Fitzroy Square): room in huge Georgian house - classy, shabby & odd but friendly, 199009 London (Covent Garden): shared Victorian flat, interesting & central but noisy, 199010 Poole, Dorset: first freelance contract with AmexBank, 199210-199309 Imperial College: FAIT MSc - mostly logic programming, exhausting but very worthwhile, 199403 Daventry again: second contract - a long way to commute; tried tele-working for 18 months but you're never not at work, it's a bit lonely & you don't participate in the "team energy", 199412 London (Primrose Hill): first-floor flat in a Regency terrace, very nice but expensive, 199610 London (High Holborn): third contract - only 20 mins cycle ride away & with full Net access... 199807 London (Old Street): team moves & I get a window seat on the sixth floor looking over to Canary Wharf etc. Commute now 30 mins. 199809 London (Clerkenwell): Get terminated in general contractor cull but find fourth contract - only 25 mins cycle ride away, better work, better pay & still with Net access. 199906 Sheffield (Nether Edge), 199910 Sheffield (University): Get a job as a research assistant on an AI project - much better work, much worse pay. 199912 Sheffield (Pitsmoor): new house overlooking a Victorian cemetery & a garden at last. 200403 Leeds (Roundhay).


Personality type: a Myers-Briggs-style Keirsey test came up with INTJ (Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging). Enneagram Type: 5 (observer). A brain-use test gave left 50% to right 50% & auditory 20% to visual 80%, which means, apparently, that my brain can take in information in parallel streams & cope with ambiguity when filing it. IQ: 165, according to a rather duff test, but what do I know? I see IQ as being about mental agility rather than intelligence; agility implies speed but I prefer slow & quiet gradualism. Kingdomality: benevolent ruler.


Lego, Meccano, Scalextric, Airfix, sand & water, Bach, Beethoven's late string quartets, Mozart, plainsong, Vermeer, Moore, Charles & Ray Eames, Alvar Aalto, Tolkien, the Eesha Upanishad, the Heart Sutra, Vanstone's "Love's Endeavour, Love's Expense", Maurice Nicoll's "The New Man", Kant, Wittgenstein's Private Language Argument, Zen, Prolog, Nick Drake, the Tao, Chelseaware, Sung, Poole Pottery, Lucie Rie.


See the ideas section.
usenet articles written by me over the years.


Here are my current mail addresses for home & work


patrick herring
nlp group, sheffield uni
This isn't true any more. Would rather be self-employed, watch this space.
Here's my page of work-related stuff. It includes my current work contact details, cv, research & publications.

Here's where I work and my frames version of that site.


patrick herring
this page. babelfish


to be mailed when changes occur.
places: renew
places: renew
yet another go at the CSS for the section headers; still a 1px discrepancy here and there. Print not behaving universally well.
life: reduce level of detail to one that can be complete.
work: update.
admin: remove visit counter, it was broken anyway. Dunno what it said, don't really care anymore.
general clear-up; fixed broken links thanks to w3c link checker, and Valid CSS! but the HTML still needs funny stuff to stop the browsers putting in their own margins; renewed my obsession with the banner code, much improvement for Opera 9 and Firefox but gave up on IE6, using this hack to get round it; if you want to print use Opera. Google Groups var names changed yet again.
obfusticate mailto addresses to frustrate spam spiders; courtesy of
do layout by CSS2 style sheet instead of tables; this means we're back to the "best viewed in browser foo" rubbish: old browsers like NS4-, IE4- etc won't see the style-sheet (courtesy of hack) at all and today's browsers of choice are Opera7, IE6 and Firefox, in that order
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change from index.html to ph.html to accommodate mugs page
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hand-written name on banners; swiftly take them out - perhaps not a good idea to have my signature in Google Images
general improvement to navigation scheme
places: fix up random image
life: oh no, four-o
bottom: NetMind gave up so the change notification is now by ChangeDetection, though I've kept the NetMind image because I like it
fix annoying difference between physical & logical top-of-page - it's only taken five and half years; still there in Opera
add hacked overLib hover boxes to navigation devices,
ideas: add CafePress link
places: add Porsche 911 page (yes I know there are some 912 etcs in it)
NetMind doesn't seem to have charged me anything so I'm switching back
rename software section to "ideas" & include zen christianity in it
life: switch from DejaNews to Google groups
start work-related page & move cv page to be a sub-page
NetMind has started charging (a lot) for its change notifications so I've rolled my own. You'll have to re-register.
start using a style sheet for fonts, colours, margins etc - CSS1; general layout done with tables
correct multimap urls
places: some new ones
new marriage page in life
remove lava-lamp and cat animated gifs & the blather about HTML standards
add amazon wish-list, just in time for Christmas ...
change to a FastCounter counter, because they're fast; started at current count
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add particularly significant item to life
move to FreeNetName for the free domain name; read count (adjusted as per 19981021) was 779
change CV section to page here rather than link to JobSearch since they expire after two months
FC changes counters & multiplies by 10. Count here was 284. Will reset when they let me
change to work address
change from Netscape button to one for the Best Viewed With Any Browser Campaign
move to Fortune City (rivendell/albion/63) from Geocities because they have a UK domain. GeoCities counter was at 182. BTW, although the Rivendell district is supposed to be for Fantasy & Role-playing gamers I'm not interested in such, I just like the name. Also FC uses FormMail.
add link to Altavista's translation service
add pointer to uk.religion.christian meta-FAQ pages
start GeoCities counter; PageCount was at 958
move to Geocities (athens/parthenon/3299) from Exnet.
find Felix at Dr Fun
do link to JobSearch CV database
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publish what I've got after a few days learning HTML & playing with colours


anweald systems, except where otherwise acknowledged eg. in "alt" clauses.